Jack McKee is a man with a heart for the next generation, who understands that the future of America is in their hands.

Jack received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management from California State University at Fullerton in 1970. After graduation he worked with high-level business leaders in the Los Angeles business community. Frustrated with the ethics of the Beverly Hills “elite,” he took up a career in the commercial construction industry, receiving the Scholastic Achievement Award for graduating at the top of his four-year apprenticeship program.

After two years of volunteer work with high school students, Jack joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), serving high school students through Student Venture, the high school ministry of CCC. For six years, he mobilized community leaders seeking to impact the next generation.  Next, jack became a staff member of Church Resource Ministries, working with pastors and denominational leaders.  Two years later, Jack, understanding his deep burden for the youth and passion for their success, gained greater clarity and focus for his life and ministry.  He then launched Youth Vision America, an initiative established for the purpose of strengthening opportunities for the youth of America to know Christ through leadership development training, while establishing a firm foundation for their future.

With a dismal future facing the youth of America, Jack has set out to alter the course, desiring to see that kids’ lives all across America are changed forever.  Youth Vision America is engaged in three major spheres of operation:


Developing Christian leaders who have a heart for the next generation by helping them to gain clarity and passion for their lives, ministries and careers.


Facilitating cooperation among highly committed marketplace ministry leaders, with the goal of unifying their efforts in reaching other business leaders in San Diego County, for the purpose of laying a firm foundation for service to the next generation of Christian leaders.


Giving EVERY teenager in San Diego County the opportunity to know and follow Jesus Christ by working with leaders of churches and influential youth ministries in the county, laying a foundation for unifying Christian leaders of the next generation in San Diego County and, ultimately, the nation.

Jack says, “Our young people will someday lead this great nation. Through vital, strategic ministry design, I have resolved to do all I can to see that our children and grandchildren will be led by future leaders who will passionately live out noble purposes in their leadership roles.”