We can try to deliver the gospel to everybody in the United States by reaching out to all the different people of America in the professions, trades, businesses, etc., but we’ll never reach them all.  There are too many “people groups.”


How could anyone possibly create a strategy to deliver the gospel to every person in America seeing that our country is made up of such a great number of varied and divergent groups of people?


Here’s a sure-fired way to reach, essentially, ALL of the people in America…    Think about it…

Almost everybody in the U.S. filters through that narrow neck of the high school system except, of course, those who are home schooled or go to private schools (and many, if not most, of those are Christian based).

If we are to reach everybody…we must put a strategy in place to reach every student in America before he or she graduates from high school.  Then we will be set on a course to reach, basically, every person who will be living in this country in the years to come.


The Church in America needs to place a priority focus on elementary school, middle school and high school students. The School Beautification Day program is an ideal mechanism that opens the “doors” of the school to allow the neighboring Church to enter. Upon our selfless service, an opportunity is open for us to serve the administrators, teachers, staff and students in both physical (tutoring, assistant teaching, assistant coaching, reading help, etc.) and spiritual enterprises (Bible studies, Bible clubs, leadership coaching, evangelistic outreaches, etc.).


Practically every school in America is surrounded by vast numbers of Christian churches.  These churches need to realize their responsibility to the schools in their neighborhoods.

All churches can fulfill their responsibility by officially adopting one or more of those schools in their neighborhoods , and embracing them and their students (a great number of those students are without hope) in a way that the church and the school become partners in growing children into healthy adults filled with hope.



It’s my dream that not one student will graduate from high school without having had at least one opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel message of Jesus Christ.